In The Water;
Behind The Lens
Documentary Film

Illustrator / Designer / Animator 

Creator / Director: 
Johnny Gonzales​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I worked on
3 Animation Stories 
within the Documentary Film

I was responsible for illustrating & animating 
3 stories within "In the Water; Behind the Lens" 
a live action documentary film about surfer photography. 
Each provide content for the photographer's retellings 
of some of their most famous shots or adventures 
throughout their careers.

Film Festivals


Won Best Documentary Feature: 
In the Paris Independent Film Festival 
& San Francisco Frozen Film Festival

AUDIENCE AWARD Best Action Sports Film:
Newport Beach Film Festival

Official Selection at: 
The Sarasota Film Festival, the Catalina Film Festival, 
& the Lift-Off Global Network Season Awards NY


WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
. . .


Animation Preview:
The Animation Sections 
Within the FiLm: 
38:58  -  39:13
Story of surfer Andy Irons 
told photographed by Brian Bielmann

39:25  -  40:06
Story of surfer Montgomery "Buttons" Kaluhiokalani 
told & photographed by Jeff Divine

42:22  -  44:10
Story told by photographer Jim Russi of his travel adventures with surfer Rory Russell who stumble 
upon a famous celebrity actor in 1980​​​​​​​


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Documentary Film: 

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