Unmasking a Killer
CNN: HLN - Tv Documentary Series
production company: Mill+

Role:  Jr. Designer 
( Responsible for Initial Pitch Designs,
Design Support for the Final Title Seq. & Graphics)
The Mill's design & animation team joined forces with Joke Production to create the opening title sequence & graphics package for Unmasking a Killer, CNN: HLN's true crime original series. During the pitch stage I initially pitched a chilling dark concept that used police sketches as a reminder that we still did not know the true face of the golden stage killer.

Initial Pitch  -  Style Frames

After Winning the pitch we were trusted to design a few more concepts that were on the lighter side for audiences. Along side Art Director: Hyejung Bae, I helped design explorations and assets that she could use for the lighter world design that used various newspapers, crime scene photos, evidence identification markers & other police objects.

Light Exploration  -  Style Frames​​​​​​​

Title Sequence
In the Final Title Seq. & Graphic Package I was responsible for: Designing Assets for the Art Director. Such as various newspapers, evidence identification markers & other police objects)

Initial Pitch  -  Style Frames​​​​​​​

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