Unmasking a Killer
CNN: HLN - Tv Documentary Series

production company: 

Jr. Designer 

The Mill's Design and Animation team joined forces with Joke Production 
to create the opening title sequence and graphics package for Unmasking a Killer, 
CNN: HLN's true crime original series. I was responsible for initial pitch designs and 
design support for the Art Director, Hyejung Bae during the final title sequence design.

Dark Exploration
Initial Pitch  -  Overview
During the pitch stage I pitched a chilling dark title concept design that used police 
sketches as a reminder that we did not know the true face of the golden stage killer.

Light Exploration
Style Frame - Designs

After Winning the pitch, Mill+ was were trusted to design a few more concepts 
that were on the lighter side for audiences. Along side Art Director: Hyejung Bae, 
I helped design explorations and assets that she could use for the lighter designs. 
Such as various newspapers, crime scene photos, evidence identification markers 
and other police objects.

Dark Exploration
Initial Pitch  -  Style Frame - Designs

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